About the Customer

This customer is a Fortune 20 pharmacy benefits management organization, offering network-pharmacy claims processing, home delivery pharmacy services, specialty pharmacy benefits management, and additional healthcare-related solutions. Every year this customer processes millions of home-delivery prescriptions.


This customer was in the process of addressing a resource capacity issue. They needed to improve resource planning, train subject matter experts, and reduce onboarding costs while retaining talent.

A few senior members of the organization were hesitant when presented with the concept of a flexible resource bench. 4th Source invited the organization’s leaders to Merida, Mexico for a first-hand look at its teams in action. The organization then welcomed the concept as a “wonderful, innovative idea that works well for the organization.”

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source was chosen for this project due to a proven track record in flexible staffing. They created and maintained bench of technical resources that were trained in the customer’s processes, had system access, and were available to react to open project demand in real time. FieldGlass was used to quickly set up and track each bench project. This customer has been a partner for over 10 years and continues to request services from the 4th Source portfolio.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Office
  • Clarity Software Resource Planning
  • SAP FieldGlass Vendor Management System
  • NetSuite – OpenAir

Flexible Staffing from a Trusted Source

The bench of 4th Source resources available enabled flexibility in resource planning and assignments. It also created a dialogue at the senior management level around reduced costs, improved project outcomes and increased employee morale.

This customer saw an increase in ROI as a result of resource allocation for accommodating immediate demands without the burden of onboarding and offboarding, which generally takes a minimum of 4 weeks. Cost savings exceeded $100,000.

Flexible staffing projects require a pool of reliable, talented resources while balancing costs and culture. The 4th Source nearshore team is more than a body-shop, contributing with technical skill, an understanding of business processes, and providing service excellence at a cost-effective rate. Learn how 4th Source balances capability, culture, and cost here.


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