About the Customer

The customer is a large healthcare group that employs thousands of nurse practitioners across the Midwest, and has a vast affiliate program. They provide patient services, pharmacy benefit services, and community-based medical assistance across multiple specialties.


Nurses were experiencing inefficiencies in their work processes. A major challenge was to observe where they could improve. When nurses visited a patient’s home, they had to collect patient data and fill out nurse visit forms while providing care. 

At the end of their shift, the nurses would return to their offices and manually transcribe the documentation into their system. The process was inefficient, time-consuming and led to employee dissatisfaction from an excessive workload.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

After observing the problem of duplicate work, it was decided to build a mobile application to aid nurses in their home healthcare program.

4th Source developed a mobile application to take the additional work off the nurses’ hands, and synchronize with current systems, ensuring HIPAA compliance. Simplicity was key. The application was designed to be intuitive so the nurses could quickly record the information and concentrate on patient care.


  • Design documentation
  • Developed web-based front-end interface
  • Developed web service-based back-end interface
  • Java development
  • Support services

Technology Used

  • Java
  • Applet/Servlet
  • SOAP Web Service
  • RESTful Services
  • JMS
  • Apache XMLBeans 1.x
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Advanced Queues

Mobility Generates Efficiency

The new software application optimized work processes and enabled nurses to work more efficiently. Simplifying the record process helped them improve the quality of care, and enjoy a more fulfilling work day. The healthcare organization received higher patient and employee satisfaction scores as a result of the new mobile application. Learn more about 4th Source mobility services here.


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