About the Customer

This customer is a leading home delivery medical supplies company. They specialize in diabetes supplies and services, and also supply ostomy supplies, CPAP equipment, catheters, prescription medications. In addition, the organization also offers personalized service and diabetes information from specially trained representatives, help with insurance forms, and other educational resources for patients.


This organization was facing a major PR and customer satisfaction issue. Patients were unnecessarily and repeatedly solicited with incorrect products, and were approached even after requesting not to be contacted.

The company could not pinpoint the problem with their outreach and reporting system, and was losing customers. They needed a sustainable, cost-effective solution to quickly fix the outreach problem.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source was called on to discover and resolve system errors, and to provide improvements to automate outreach and reporting. A business intelligence team with experience in healthcare was assembled.

Key tasks included:

  • Determining the root cause of the issue
  • Setting up a more transparent reporting system
  • Automating reporting processes

The business intelligence team dove into the calling system to resolve the solicitation issue. They implemented a more accurate reporting system to provide dependable data on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Additionally, the team worked directly with the organization’s executives in marketing and finance to develop a reliable framework for ad-hoc reporting.


  • 13,000 automated reports per year
  • Mission-critical financial and tax reports
  • Over 250 ad-hoc executive reports for patient contact and management reporting groups.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Suite
  • SQL

Reporting Accuracy Resolves the Customer Satisfaction Issue

Added accuracy in campaign reporting led to significant increases in customer satisfaction while redundancy among campaigns was reduced.

  • Marketing was able to provide targeted offerings
  • Higher earnings resulted from increased customer retention
  • A reduction in legal action resulted from cutting unwanted solicitation

The customer has since partnered with 4th Source on multiple initiatives, applying growth and cost-savings to other areas of the business.

A reliable IT team does the consultative work and stays around to fix technical issues. Learn more about 4th Source data and consultative services here.


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