About the Customer

This customer is a Fortune 20 pharmacy benefits management organization offering integrated pharmacy benefit management services including network-pharmacy claims processing, home delivery pharmacy services, specialty pharmacy benefits management, and additional healthcare-related solutions. Every year this organization processes millions of home-delivery prescriptions.

4th Source has been a partner of this organization for over ten years, and has helped them save tens of millions of dollars through productivity benefits.


This organization wanted to tackle high ticket volumes in a core packaged system that touched multiple aspects of the business. The main challenge was to address open tickets while simultaneously developing system enhancements to reduce ticket volumes. 4th Source, with an understanding of the business and technology processes, was brought in to complete the project.


Taking a Digital Strong Approach

A managed services team stepped in to examine the cause of high ticket volumes. In addition to handling open tickets, the team developed application enhancements using GAPs to fix root issues and reduce tickets over time.  Of the tickets opened, the team developed production code fixes based on prioritization and delivered on all contractual SLAs.

Project Benefits:

  • Improved governance and communication
  • Performance monitoring
  • Critical processing/batch job monitoring

A Reliable Source of Managed Service Excellence

The 4th Source managed services team exceeded the client’s expectations, and continues to save the organization money across the business with managed services support, process improvements, automation and data services.

Major Achievements:

  • 42% ticket reduction in one year (exceeding customer goal of 15%)
  • 100% compliant with contractual SLAs
  • 100% completion of GAPs delivery in year one of contract requirements
  • 80% of all inbound tickets are now resolved within three days
  • Ongoing cost savings

High ticket volumes cause unnecessary friction. There’s no need to hire both a consulting firm and a technology company to resolve process improvement issues. 4th Source offers consultative services to root out underlying IT support issues, and then dives under the hood with technical, cost-effective resources to develop lasting solutions. Learn how 4th Source managed services can help your organization move forward, faster.


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