About the Customer

This customer is part of a large US-based health insurance group that has been in business for over 80 years, and operates in all 50 US states. The organization processes millions of insurance requests daily, and provides health related services in over 170 countries.


This customer is a mature user of ServiceNow with developers on staff. When a mandate came through to extend ServiceNow to multiple departments, IT decided to hire 4th Source as their professional ServiceNow partner. The company needed a service catalog, request intake forms, workflow automation, and reporting so that business units could respond to request and fulfillment of services within the company’s ecosystem.

Mandate: Free IT to be responsive to the business. Extend ServiceNow to all departments while optimizing the instance.

Optimizing the Instance

  • Deliver virtual managed services to IT
  • Reduce TCO and duplicate processes by getting all service requests to one IT platform
  • Improve the end user experience via transparency and self-service
  • Open data channels needed to understand the demand on the IT department in the delivery of complex services
  • Replace manual processes with automated workflows
  • Free business units to focus on driving revenue rather than manually delivering services

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

The customer sought a ServiceNow technology leader with the talent and experience necessary to gather requirements, design solutions, and configure each business unit’s catalog. The project would include implementing hundreds of request intake forms and automated workflows requiring complex scripting. The right partner would have the following capabilities to draw on:

  • ServiceNow certified developers
  • Experienced business process consultants
  • Thought leaders who could facilitate design workshops
  • Pricing that would fit within <tight> budget constraints

4th Source offered a balance of capability, culture, and cost. The ServiceNow team helped the customer’s IT department close their resource availability gap at a rate card that enabled all development to be completed within budget.

Configuring a Better Experience

As part of a managed services package, 4th Source configured the ServiceNow instance so that end users could log in and see the exact location of each task.

The organization recognized these additional benefits:

  • A significant reduction of catalog items and intake forms through automated processes
  • A more intuitive user experience was created to lead users through a series of well-defined actions.
  • 4th Source reduced the number of steps necessary to request a service, view the status of a request, and respond to approvals.
  • Custom reports and dashboards gave business units real-time data to enable performance improvements in their delivery of services

Today, all departments within the insurance organization are running off of a single system of record as intended. Processes have been streamlined, and the IT department is free to innovate and respond to the business as mandated. Learn more about 4th Source ServiceNow services here.



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