About the Customer

This customer is a Fortune 20 pharmacy benefits management organization offering integrated pharmacy benefit management services including network-pharmacy claims processing, home delivery pharmacy services, specialty pharmacy benefits management, and additional healthcare-related solutions. Every year this organization processes millions of home-delivery prescriptions.

4th Source has been a partner of this organization for over ten years, and has helped them save tens of millions of dollars in productivity benefits.


As part of a mandate to improve customer satisfaction and increase order delivery speed, this customer wanted to establish a reliable follow-up system.

The organization employs a team of Patient Care Advocates (PCA) to meet the high call volumes associated with follow-ups. PCAs were responsible for calling patients, but most calls were not answered, or went to voicemail. PCAs had to then manually reschedule follow-up calls at the risk of causing error in scheduling, follow-ups and deliveries. 4th Source was brought in as a consultative and technical partner to improve the scheduling process.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source investigated the underlying problems associated with current processes, and designed solutions to improve them, building automated systems where applicable. Process improvements included following up with patients and physicians to confirm medication delivery dates, retrieve clinical information, and schedule prescription orders.

An autodialer system was developed by the 4th Source team to automate the follow-up process. It rescheduled follow-ups based on business rules, which was designed to ultimately prevent missed commitments and enable prescription orders to be scheduled and sent on time.

The system would automatically generate records of calls and send them to a second, automated patient follow-up system. As part of the process, the autodialer would identify unanswered calls, and transfer them to PCAs. The PCAs were able to focus on calls being sent their way from the automated system, allowing them to reach a higher number of patients with better service.


  • Full requirements & design documentation
  • Technical specifications
  • QA & testing
  • Support & maintenance
  • Autodialer software

Technology Used

  • Oracle
  • Java
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol

Healthcare Turns to 4th Source

4th Source exceeded the client’s expectations by executing and releasing the first project pilot in just eight weeks. Redundancy was reduced, patient services were improved, and business processes were optimized. Operational costs of manual outbound calls and follow-ups were also significantly reduced, improving compliance. The customer continues to enlist 4th Source as a trusted advisor for mission-critical projects. 

Inefficient processes cause bottlenecks that interfere with customer service initiatives. There’s no need to hire both a consulting firm and a technology company to resolve process improvement issues. 4th Source offers consultative services on how to resolve the underlying business problem, and then dives under the hood with technical, cost-effective resources to complete the project.  Start your path to digital strong. Learn how 4th Source application services can help your organization move forward, faster.


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