About the Customer

This customer is a Fortune 20 pharmacy benefits management organization offering integrated pharmacy benefit management services including network-pharmacy claims processing, home delivery pharmacy services, specialty pharmacy benefits management, and additional healthcare-related solutions. Every year this organization processes millions of home-delivery prescriptions.

4th Source has been a partner of this organization for over ten years, and has helped them save tens of millions of dollars in productivity benefits.


This customer sought to divest a part of their business without impacting active projects and services. They quickly found an interested buyer for the business unit, but were not ready to transition software systems due to security and IP integrity reasons. The pharmacy organization requested that the buyer not have access to software applications that supported the portion of the business being sold.

The organization asked 4th Source to make data migration as smooth as possible with minimal oversight so that they could focus on other projects. They wanted to make sure there was no interruption to current operations.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source created and supported an environment to migrate current data as well as extract data from the new environment needed for the divestiture. 24/7 help desk services were established to support the project.


  • Requirements definition and design documentation
  • Code development
  • Project management
  • 24/7 support and help desk services

Technology Used

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Forms
  • Java Services

U.S. Companies Turn to 4th Source for M&A Data Services

With a new environment for data migration, the buyer had more time to incorporate their data into the new systems and, as desired, the selling organization had minimal direct involvement with the project. 4th Source managed and executed the project independently, completing the software migration without issue and without interruption to ongoing operations.

The last thing a large organization needs to worry about, when going through a divestiture, merger, or acquisition, is the integrity of their data. 4th Source has the depth of industry experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth, secure data migration every time. 

Without having to look over your shoulders to check on a data migration, you can look ahead to your next market gain. Start your path to digital strong. Learn more about 4th Source data services here.


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