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FX Well is a leading company in corporate wellness. They recognized that improving their services and reach would require a technology-driven business line. More specifically, they needed a dynamic web-based portal that could be tailored to enterprise customers. IT is not a core business function for FX Well, so they chose 4th Source as their partner in design, application development, mobile development, implementation, and managed services. 


From IT Project to Business Driver

This is an example of how a brick and mortar company found value with the right technology partner. Two years ago, FX Well saw an opportunity to have a deeper impact on customers. Their expertise was in fitness consulting and corporate training. As the connected device industry flourished, FX Well saw an opportunity to build a tech-centered business line.

People use connected devices to monitor everything from workouts to sleep to stress. How could that model be applied to the enterprise, where employees could partake in the wellness journey together, while being able to demonstrate the impact on business performance?

FX Well had the idea to provide a direct link between their wellness experts and entire work forces. Essentially, the plan was to build a SaaS to commoditize corporate wellness. Go big or go home.

They would need to create a platform where any enterprise can organize wellness campaigns and track progress on devices that people already use every day. The challenge, from an IT perspective, was to develop a framework for this new portal that enabled popular fitness devices to input data with a reporting engine. 4th Source, specializing in IT challenges, got to work.

Under Armour Record, the 24/7 health and fitness tracking system, created a connection in their own app for FX Well’s portal. 

Connecting UA Record to the FX Well Hub in mobile


Benefits of a Healthier Workforce

Investing in employee well-being is not a tough sell (when executed correctly). The ROI can be astronomical. Johnson & Johnson claimed that corporate wellness saved the company $250 million on healthcare costs over a ten-year period.

There’s a sense of comradery and accomplishment. A more fitness-savvy workforce has higher energy and can be more productive. A challenged workforce is more agile. Healthy people are happier. There’s a reason why physicians resort to “diet and exercise” as standard advice.

Companies use the FX Well platform for a healthier, stronger workforce, but there is another powerful component for the enterprise customer; the data. Companies have insight into how the wellness of their workforce correlates with output.

4th Source Company Fitness Challenge


Joe’s Take

Joe Aschenbrenner, SVP of Service Delivery at 4th Source, explained the tech behind the wellness platform.

How did this project get off the ground?

Originally, FX Well was using a white labeled application that just didn’t have the flexibility required to meet their goals. Their biggest customer is Under Armour. You don’t go to Under Armour with a dry, vanilla corporate fitness survey system. They wanted to customize fitness challenges through a dynamic portal.

So they called 4th Source, and we began designing a web portal for them shortly after, and it’s already generating revenue. We knew that the portal had to keep up with demand, and made sure the application would be supported.

What are some of the benefits of the application?

We built a reporting engine that says, “out of all 400 employees you have, ¾ of them want to lose a little bit of weight, manage their stress, and get a little more active.”

With that kind of visibility, any company can demonstrate a healthier workforce from a corporate HR perspective.

We’re also building a dedicated mobile app to launch this fall.

It’s a web portal. It’s mobile. It’s increasing flexibility for FX Well. It’s another line of business that generates revenue. It’s fully supported on the back end. We built the platform with scalability in mind.

Why was 4th Source an attractive fit for FX Well?

We brought ITIL disciplines right out of the box. Using a managed services approach, we are able to have an 85% first-touch incident resolution and a 15-minute average response time with a 30 minute average resolution time.

Let’s break that down. FX Well’s portal is basically a Wellness Hub.  We’re integrating all kinds of connected fitness devices and fitness applications. If someone’s Fitbit records a run of 12,000 steps, and the portal is only showing 8,000 steps, they’ll want to know what’s going on. 85% of the time we’ll resolve the issue within 30 minutes of the moment they contact us.

The managed services and help desk components are critical to the success of this project. FX Well entrusted 4th Source with all of these aspects. It is something that they’re not going to bring in house because their core competencies are in training, health, and wellness – and this is an asset that plugs into that. So they’re going to source the IT to us and focus on their core competencies.

One of the biggest KPIs was to be cost conscious. They considered different partners, and saw a turn-key offer from us at a fraction of the cost of larger IT firms. With the ease of the nearshore model, we got our architects up to Baltimore in less than 24 hours to work on a design with them.

We’re excited that the application generates revenue and can be self-sustaining. We have a great partnership with FX Well, so much so that we are now using their application as well.

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