About the Customer

This customer is a global leader in claims management. They collaborate with hundreds of organizations to help manage the care of injured or disabled staff. Additional services include providing workers’ compensation, liability and disability services, and other claims management support.


The customer needed to meet resource demands of their business partners, and finding a blend of skilled, cost-effective talent was proving difficult. Operating under a tight budget, the organization required seasoned professionals to act as a temporary alternative until funds could be allocated for full-time employees (FTEs).

The customer needed to:

  • Meet immediate technical needs by business partners
  • Source skilled and cost-effective talent in development, QA, and testing

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source was able to help the customer by quickly allocating people with a blend of technical and business expertise. 4th Source’s flexible staffing model provided an immediate need for talented resources at a rate that was much lower than local staffing. The 4th Source team was called on for a number of capacities in development, QA and testing.


  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Unit Test Cases
  • Custom coding


  • Test Plan
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Cases and Results
  • Defect Reports and Metrics  

Technology Used

  • Custom API with Progress OpenEdge
  • Progress 11 DB
  • Oracle 11g DB
  • PL/SQL
  • ETL
  • HP Tools (ALM, QTP)

The 4th Source Difference

The 4th Source team was able to provide the right skill set to keep operations running smoothly.

  • Proximity: working alongside the customer in their offices
  • Cultural connection: merging with customer teams.
  • Understanding the business: filling roles beyond a technical capacity, as active contributors to organizational goals.

Excellent Flexible Staffing Leads to Continued Relationship

The customer saw significant cost savings when provided with the 4th Source flexible staffing model. Additionally, recruiting, training and retention were not concerns as the nearshore team quickly understood and adhered to the customer’s organizational systems and processes.

The team’s footprint continues to expand due to internal references within this organization’s management team. Additional cost-saving projects have been applied to other areas of the business and the customer has stayed with 4th Source for over two years.

Outsourcing support staff doesn’t mean you have to be left with bottom-of-the-barrel talent. When those roles are elevated by a knowledgeable team with customer service savvy, your entire operation is lifted. Get a digital strong team to fill your support needs. Learn more about 4th Source’s unique blend of culture, capability, and cost here.


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