Problem - A Headache for a Hospital

Like many organizations, this children's research hospital developed multiple custom applications that became difficult to support over time. They were facing a problem quantifying internal work. Different departments were using different systems. Processes and procedures were disjointed, adding pressure to meet regular inventory audit objectives. 

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

4th Source's VP of Technology, Doug Frey, has 20+ years of managed services experience, and has worked on hundreds of ERP applications. Doug was able to relate to the hospital’s leadership team. He shared his experience with ServiceNow, and its two main benefits: total data visibility & efficiency gains. The hospital quickly made the decision to bring in 4th Source to help with ServiceNow implementation, and to begin developing processes including: 

  • Incident management 
  • Problem management 
  • Change management 
  • CMDB configurations 

In addition, 4th Source conducted several onsite workshops to guide the hospital team through implementation. 


Ditching Complexity

The hospital stopped using of third party asset software, consolidating different asset monitoring applications into the asset management application within ServiceNow and their CMDB under one license. 

Total Visibility 

Asset management and configuration management databases were implemented so the hospital can know exactly where assets are at all times. The children's hospital can trace equipment to the exact location within a building and see who’s using it, lowering costs of semi-annual inventory audits. 

Connect Your Team. Connect Everything. 

You can connect everything with ServiceNow and CMDB, consolidating all IT operations and infrastructure into one system of record. It’s important to know, "if I reboot a server tonight to install a patch, what else will it affect?" When an application depends on a certain database and server, you know that all your maintenance is tied together. 

Moving Ahead Faster 

4th Source develops out-of-box preconfigurations for incident applications. They include everything related to incidents or issues, change management, or service requests. We then customize dashboards so customers can pick up and immediately use the tool.


Digital Strong Results


incident management | problem management | change management | CMDB configurations

Zero Change Orders. On Time. On Budget. Really. 

There were no change orders because the right proposals were on the table from the start. We designed the SOW and deliverables to be consistent. There was also zero staff rotation. At 4th Source, we don't showcase our top developers during the sales meeting and swap them out after you sign on. When you're promised a dedicated team, you get a dedicated team. 

On Course with Training & Support (We Got Your Back)

Training was included as part of the plan (not as an add-on) and included: 

  • Materials
  • Onsite workshops
  • Communications roadmaps
  • Process development 

The research hospital did not have ServiceNow resources on staff for ongoing enhancements, so they awarded 4th Source continued professional service projects to expand the instance as needed. Today, the hospital is running off of a single system of record, and has consolidated processes and technologies, streamlining services across departments. 

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