About the Customer

This customer is a global medical technology organization specializing in preventative care. Their large portfolio of devices includes respiratory products, surgical instruments, integrated analytics, infection prevention and patient monitoring technologies.


The organization needed to test how their software applications interacted with devices for maintenance, data transfer and log downloads. 4th Source was asked to ensure the stability and functionality of a systematic upgrade for both software and hardware components.

The testing team needed to ensure that software upgrades would not interfere with hardware performance. The tests were legally mandated, and were imperative for patient safety.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

The 4th Source team conducted testing according to specified requirements, rebuilding, and updating test cases to ensure quality and accuracy in logic. In addition, the team conducted informal tests to ensure that the test cases were correctly designed and could be followed by others with a limited knowledge of the system.


  • Test Cases
    • Write test cases
    • Conduct tests
    • Review for case issues
  • Functionality Testing
    • Test software applications
    • Test hardware functionality
    • Identify gaps and functionality issues
  • Scenario matrix
  • Defect reporting

Technology Used

  • HP Quality Center
  • Serena Business Manager
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Smooth Project Performance. Zero Testing Issues

The project was completed on time and without issues. Following the successful completion of the steps, the requirements passed each associated test that was executed. It was confirmed that the software applications met the client’s requirements. Additionally, the test results verified that the functionality of the new hardware also met the specified business requirements.  

Sometimes quiet successes are the most rewarding. This organization had a regulatory obligation to QA its medical system upgrade. The 4th Source testing team stepped up to make sure test cases would be understood by all customer management teams. The project was completed on time, on budget, and with clear communications. Get a QA team who understands the value of clear communication and service excellence. Learn more about 4th Source testing services here.


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