Rebuilding The Airplane in Flight:

How to Modernize Specialty Pharmacy Systems without Disrupting Operations 



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Holistic IT adaptation addresses key challenges such as data integrity and patient service delays. A good IT partner will deliver technology services on your behalf. A great IT partner will learn your business, asking "how can we help you better serve patients and remain competitive?

From the Blog: Specialty Pharmacy Digital Transformation. What's Next?

Between 2010 and 2016, the cost of downtime for healthcare facilities increased almost 40% to $9,000 per minute. RPV automatically validates all use cases after a production deployment to reduce downtime.

Robotic Process Validation in Pharmacy Dispensing: Reducing System Downtime, Reducing Cost

Automation accelerates software and QA deployment, consistently yields more reliable data, and vastly improves the patient experience. In other words - it just works.

Taking on Automation: A Guide for Pharmacies