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for Healthcare

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Who's the Guide For?

Whether you attended Knowledge19 or not, chances are you’ve asked a question about getting ServiceNow to do what it’s supposed to do.

Read this guide if you’ve ever asked about:

  • Accelerating IT productivity in healthcare
  • Anything CMDB-related & “drinking from the fire hose”
  • Application rationalization
  • Expanding & upgrading your instance
  • Detecting causes of failure, and how to prevent them
  • Stacking the odds of a successful implementation in your favor

Because when you plan for months - and reallocate your IT budget around a new ITSM cloud system - it'd better work.

Promising IT visibility and cost reductions are one thing, but realizing them takes a dedicated, consorted effort.

You’ll learn:

  • How to baseline and measure the impact of improved IT operations
  • How system changes, with a mature CMDB, can go from taking two weeks to two hours
  • Lessons that ITOM experts wish they knew from the start
  • What to expect from your implementation partners
  • How to align your IT plans with operational goals

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John Duchock

4th Source Lead ServiceNow Architect

About the Author

John Duchock is the Lead ServiceNow Architect at 4th Source with over nine years of ServiceNow administration and development experience as well as a variety of ITIL and Six Sigma certifications.

John’s experience includes implementation process improvements and solutions at Southwest Airlines, GM Financial, Baylor Scott White Healthcare, CHRISTUS Health, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.

“That level of service and support, when we take on higher levels of user activation, was a must-have. The rate of getting the app where we wanted it was 10X faster.”


CEO - FX Well