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In just 5 weeks, RxIgnite can equip your pharmacy to solve today’s biggest challenges - consolidation, margin compression, regulatory compliance, and the patient experience.

Who is this For?

Download the RxIgnite one-pager if you have ever asked about:

  • Creating a more adaptive IT environment to serve key operational objectives

  • What digital modernization would look like from a cost-reduction perspective

  • Which capabilities should be automated to drive the greatest efficiencies

  • Where the greatest opportunities to impact margins lie

  • How to improve the patient experience through digital modernization

“By the time we recognize the need for a new technology, we're already behind. 4th Source helps us figure out how to catch up. They open up a new world of what we need and what we can do with IT.”

Nancy Crowell, VP Operations  –  Senderra RX Specialty Pharmacy