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Experience Matters

82% of healthcare leaders replaced an IT vendor in the past year.

 For over fourteen years, 4th Source has worked with some of the largest specialty pharmacy organizations
in the world, delivering tens of millions of dollars in IT cost benefits.


Data entry errors can ruin lives.

Check-in processes, payer relationships, data management; if someone makes a data-entry mistake, then there’s a good chance coverage will be denied. This, of course, depends on other factors, like how your health claims are being submitted.

But no one should have to take that risk. What if we could use the data and processes we already have, and get it right the first time?

As we evaluate processes, we can insert approvals or extra reviews to minimize mistakes. The data will help us before the approval process begins. We understand how patients are covered, driving procedural decisions up front. We can also add logic to validate data entry fields. It all adds up; when our data is strong, and our processes are correct the first time, we don’t have to worry about reworks or following up on claims.

Join us to discuss RCM and more  
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Deb Ferber

4th Source EVP, General Manager, Healthcare Customers

Doug Miller_01_small

Doug Miller

4th Source Senior Director, Client Services

In addition to full-stack development, QE, informatics, and QA, 4th Source serves Six Core areas in specialty pharmacy:

Efficiency and Automation

Streamline manual processes to drive down costs and reduce redundant work.

System and Performance Reliability

Reduce technology issues that impact your ability to meet your patients and/or prescriber commitments.

Data Analytics and Manufacturing Reporting

Improve operational and manufacturer reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

Remain current with government regulations and compliance guidelines.

Application Implementation and Integration

Identify gaps in current systems, implement packaged applications and integrate existing platforms.

Patient Experience and Competitiveness

Create tools and functions to improve patient experience and ensure our clients remain competitive.

Pharmacy IT Departments Require Problem Solvers More Than Ever

Here's a good place to start. | #DigitalStrong

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Accelerating the Specialty Pharmacy IT Agenda

Shifting regulatory environments and new care models mean that specialty pharmacy organizations need to adapt faster than ever. Learn how sourcing the right IT partner can mean the difference between playing catch-up and staying ahead of the curve (with tens of millions of dollars in cost benefits).

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All About RCM

Nothing could get in the way of digital transformation for this PBM they revamped their revenue cycle management systems. 4th Source provided data restructuring, updating processes, automation and introduced new Pega platform technology, all which accelerated reimbursement and reduced financial risks.


QA Automation & Cucumber for Pharmacies

Research conducted by MIT suggests that agile companies grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile organizations. QA expert Roberto Pacheco discusses how to roll out Cucumber and Behavioral Driven Design for pharmacies.

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Tuesday, September 25th starting at 4:30 | The Lobby Bar, Marriott Wardman Park

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