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Take on the IT Resourcing Dilemma at HIMSS18

The top challenge for CMIOs hasn’t changed in three years:


In fact, many indicators suggest that the problem resides in the way IT vendors approach healthcare – focusing on technology over the unique challenges that healthcare and pharmacy organizations face.

82% of healthcare IT departments replaced a vendor in 2017

Only 17% of vendors deliver fast enough for their customers

77% of CMIOs are frustrated with vendors’ limited experience in healthcare operations

Healthcare IT departments require problem solvers more than ever

Here's a good place to start | #DigitalStrong

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Accelerating Hospital IT

Children's Research Hospital replaces an underperforming offshore vendor & moves their IT agenda forward.

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All About Revenue Cycle Improvement

A Fortune 25 pharmacy organization relies on 4th Source industry expertise, predictive analytics, and automation to eliminate revenue variances.

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Maximizing IT Resource Potential in Healthcare

Digital transformation, IoT, Process Improvements and countless systems are supposed to make your enterprise more responsive. Realize their potential and learn how to accelerate project ROI.

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Cucumber QA in Healthcare

BDD expert, Roberto Pacheco, discusses how to roll out Cucumber QA in healthcare.

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The Practical Guide to ServiceNow Implementations

Learn how to stack the odds of a successful ServiceNow implementation in your favor - written by industry expert, John Duchock.

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4th Source DIGITAL STRONG Company Brochure

Learn how to source powerful, cost-effective IT on your terms.

The Ultimate Digital Strong Experience

“That level of service and support, when we take on higher levels of user activation, was a must-have. With devs outside our door, the rate of getting the app where we wanted it was 10X faster.”

Nate Costa - CEO of FX Well

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