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Digital modernization is full of complexity. 4th Source has over fifteen years of healthcare experience to help you navigate your next digital project without disrupting operations or patient services.





Expect more than an IT body shop. We'll guide you through your digital journey, helping you make cost- effective decisions, and stepping up with resources so you can move forward, faster.






Turn your data into action for stronger outcomes. With data migrations, system modernization, machine learning, and intelligent AI, we'll make sure your data works better for you.






Rethink the outsourcing partner model. Our team is comprised of talented problem solvers who quickly learn our customers' business for stronger alignment. 



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Nearshore is a method of sourcing IT services to reap the benefits of cost reduction and proximity for an optimal TCO. 4th Source is slightly different. We operate as a whole organization, offering same time zone communication, cultural alignment and access to highly qualified talent within a day’s notice from our offices in the US and Mexico.


No hidden cost or overtime charges

No hidden cost
or overtime charges

Easy collaboration during US business hours

Easy collaboration
during US business hours

Cultural alignment

Cultural alignment

Immediate onsite availability when needed

Onsite availability
when needed

Favorable  NAFTA regulations

NAFTA regulations

Low attrition

Low attrition

English-speaking workforce

Fluent English-speaking


We consider our customers and our employees ONE FAMILY...
Anybody can have a process that works. For us, our key differentiator is our people…


Chris Desautelle

President & Chief Financial Officer

Chris has a 30 year track record of building & financing high-growth IT organizations. As President of 4th Source, he leads the organization’s growth and delivery excellence. In addition, he provides guidance over the company’s financial and back office operations. He has experience implementing strategies that have created value for shareholders, customers and employees at companies such as Metastorm (acquired by OpenText in 2011), XBD Systems (acquired by MicroFocus), Paine Webber (now UBS) and Legg Mason. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance from Marist College and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Deb Ferber

EVP, General Manager, Healthcare Customers

Deb has over 21 years of experience building complex solutions crossing multiple industries. She holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tulane University, and spent 12 years with Oracle Corporation in leadership positions with both consulting and product development. Responsible for solution delivery for various clients, Deb served as senior director of technology services in the south region of Oracle’s commercial consulting group.

Joe Aschenbrenner

EVP, General Manager, Enterprise Customers

Joe has over 23 years of experience leading global IT operations and delivery teams. A veteran of the US Air Force, Joe spent the first 11 years of his career in aerospace and defense, leading technical delivery teams and data center operations for companies such as GE Aerospace. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University, Joe has held leadership positions at Danka Corporation, Konica Minolta Inc., Verizon Business and Velocity Technology Solutions.

Bruce Burfeind

SVP of Service Delivery

Bruce has over 25 years of management experience leading IT delivery teams consisting of human capital management, data center operations, application development, project services, network management, and IT governance. Bruce is responsible for the PMO, Client Services & Service Delivery teams at 4th Source in the retail and consumer verticals. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Towson University.

Maureen Stewart

VP of Finance and Global Controller

Maureen brings over 20 years of accounting and finance experience, working for both public and private companies.  At 4th Source, she has been instrumental in growing the Accounting and Finance functions in both the US and Mexico.  In addition, she provides financial expertise and strategies to help drive continual business growth.  Before joining the 4th Source team, she has worked for Ernst & Young, Michelin and Comcast.  Maureen is a CPA and earned a BA in Economics from the University of Dallas and a Masters in Professional Accountancy from Clemson University.

Ulises Gaytan

Vice President of Service Delivery, Healthcare

Ulises has over 22 years of experience developing IT solutions for multiple industries, with a current focus in Healthcare. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from UPIICSA, IPN (Mexico). Before moving to the US, Ulises spent 14 years leading teams in custom application development. Ulises has held leadership positions for various clients in Mexico and the US and is currently leading a large delivery team for our biggest customer.

George Garces

VP, Healthcare Client Services

George has over 20 years of experience selling and supporting technology and healthcare solutions to customers of all size.  He holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from Loyola University of Maryland, and he is skilled at articulating the company message from the C-Suite down to the individual

Matthew Stoltz

Director of Marketing

Matthew has a twelve-year track record of cross-functional marketing success. As 4th Source’s director of marketing, he leads ABM and content initiatives to drive pipeline value. Matthew’s background spans B2B IT and healthcare marketing, adult education, brand consulting, and care for people with Autism. He holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Salisbury University, a graduate degree in TESOL from The College of New Jersey, and a Digital Marketing Certification from The College of Charleston.


How did 4th Source start?

Back in 2004, our cofounders, Rick McKay and Mark Molinari, had a vision: why outsource your IT resources to far-off countries halfway around the world, when you can attain high-quality and low-cost resources right next door? The first US-based nearshore, US-Mexico sourcing company was born.

Since then, and with the help of some amazing customers, we’ve gained the knowledge and expertise to grow into a full-service IT organization.

What is nearshore?

Nearshore refers to IT and technology services that are outsourced. Nearshore allows for smoother project execution due to a shared or similar time zone, culture, and language.

4th Source takes the nearshore model a step further with the US-Mexico hybrid approach. Depending on your need, 4th Source is uniquely positioned to offer resources in the US, in Mexico, or both. The added benefits under NAFTA enable 4th Source to fly team members to your site within a day’s notice. No questions asked.

In addition, 4th Source operates under a unified company culture, meaning that all employees are trained under the same guidelines and are expected to perform at the highest level. In order to work at 4th Source, all employees must speak English at a near-fluent level, and are provided with continued English training as part of their employment package.

Healthcare organizations, for example, benefit from the nearshore approach. Certain regulations prevent equipment, products, tech and data from leaving the country. Using a nearshore approach, we can fly the best-suited staff to a company’s office to securely conduct project work.

The US-Mexico nearshore model provides the optimal balance of capability, culture, and cost.


Who are your customers?

We work with Fortune 1000 companies in pharmacy, healthcare, retail, insurance, and many other industries. Our team is comprised of skilled problem solvers who have a tendency to take on any challenge and make it work.

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What do you believe in?

We believe that every organization should have access to quality, cost-effective resources to accelerate their IT agenda. When sourcing, an organization should be able to communicate with vendors on their time and on their terms.

We have a specialized need that I don't see on your website. Can you help us?

Yes! There's a good chance that your tech need is something we have experience with. If not, we'll give you the straight and narrow about how we can contribute, and help you figure out the best option.

What is digital strong?

Digital strong is the convergence of smart people and technology. When IT functions as part of an ecosystem, it enables people and businesses to perform better.

Where can I find more information about open positions?

For more information about the interview process, and opportunities to join the 4th Source family, head over to our Careers page. We're hiring!

Where are you located?

We're basking in the sweet sunlight of Tampa, Florida, as part of Florida's tech corridor. Come by anytime.
2502 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite 960, Tampa, FL 33607.


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