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4th Source - Proximity Matters

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4th Source provides affordable, reliable near-shore application outsourcing staffing and IT services to help your manufacturing company build a world-class system with dependable customer satisfaction and increased profitability. Our array of outsourcing services is customized to advance your company in process automation, made-to-order manufacturing, supply chain management, team collaboration, marketing, and executive decision support specific to your company, staff and customers.

Having your extended staff close to home lets you easily integrate teams, connect in real-time, and manage your collective workforce in person using a fraction of the time and money required with an overseas outsourcing provider.

Nearshore Software Development Lifecycle Outsourcing Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

4th Source is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, allowing us global implementation of Oracle’s Business Intelligence software suite, including finance, sales, supply chain, order management, human resources and customer relationship management.

4th Source customizes best-in-class technologies to build, modernize, transform and integrate proven solutions to generate a faster, more reliable manufacturing cycle. We provide everything your business needs to succeed, making 4th Source your single go-to resource.