Custom Application Development

When nothing on the shelf is quite as unique as your business, 4th Source’s Custom Application Development services can help you get exactly what you need. At 4th Source, we have experience in designing, developing, testing, integrating, delivering, supporting, and maintaining innovative software applications that deliver a tangible business advantage. 4th Source has the deep and vast technology expertise spanning the most common languages and tools, junior developers through very seasoned architects, and best practices to deliver value for our customers.

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4th Source Development Process

Our capabilities span service-oriented architectures, including J2EE and .NET, as well as traditional client/server and mainframe development. In addition, we offer legacy transformation, legacy SOA, portal development, content management, wireless and mobile applications development.

Given the overlapping time zones of our nearshore delivery centers and our customer work locations, 4th Source resources are able to collaborate with in-house development teams throughout the entire application development lifecycle. Our resources are able to lead or participate the development process adding value by offering best practices for QA and testing, tool selection, code reuse, production readiness, and cutover strategies. Once the application is up and running, our nearshore centers already possess the knowledge of the application and can tap into our operational practices to offer ongoing maintenance and help desk at a much lower cost.

Each application development lifecycle needs an appropriate development methodology. Our teams are versed in several methods and make recommendations or adopt to your preferred approach. The ability to be more nimble and collaborative throughout the development process is a clear advantage of nearshore over offshore. Rather than throwing specs at the wall and hoping for code in the morning, our teams are in constant communication, all day long. This style of working relationship is a prerequisite to be successful with agile software development method. You choose – SDLC/Waterfall, Spiral/Iterative, Agile, Xtreme and we adopt. Of course, for leveraging the method in a nearshore delivery model, we will bring along a set of best practices that have been developed based on practical experiences and complied to help our customers avoid lessons learned and increase their likelihood of success.