Technical Services

4th Source creates long term partnerships with clients to build and support healthcare application development across Microsoft .Net, Oracle technology stack, and mobile application development platforms. 4th Source resources possess healthcare domain knowledge, understanding of evolving healthcare standards, and an expertise in a range of new and legacy technologies. 4th Source supports each client with a team of experts that meet their unique needs in terms of [resources, skill level, and experiences]. The nearshore team exists as a development extension of the client’s own development/IT organization. The resources are exclusive to the client and additional resources can be added or removed as demand dictates.

4th Source Technical Services include:

  • Applications Development
  • EHR Enhancements, Integrations, and Reporting
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Conformance to evolving standards i.e. HL7 and ICD-10
  • Cloud platform on-boarding and SOA
  • Maintenance, support, and help desk services

QA and Testing Services

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compliance, testing of healthcare applications today involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs.  4th Source is experienced in testing healthcare applications – using manual testing and test automation tools (e.g., HP/Mercury Quality Center, Rationale ClearCase, Selenium). 4th Source also has strong expertise in multi-platform testing, performance testing, and load testing of healthcare applications.

4th Source QA and Testing Services include:

  • Functional Testing – testing functional capabilities of healthcare applications, including workflows
  • Conformance Testing – testing conformance to healthcare industry standards and security requirements (e.g., Meaningful Use, HIPAA, FDA requirements, etc)
  • Interoperability Testing – testing conformance to interoperability standards (e.g., HL7, CCD/CDA) by using industry standard testing tools.
  • Load and Performance Testing – testing enterprise healthcare applications

Application Outsourcing for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry depends on a comprehensive IT infrastructure to satisfy 24/7 demand without hiccups. From regulatory compliance to State and Federal mandates, any error can lead to severe consequences, from a negative image to legal complications.

4th Source is a trusted expert in healthcare IT staffing and services, with the experience and resources to help you build and manage an efficient, sophisticated system that addresses every challenge across all sectors in the industry.

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4th Source recently teamed with Accredo, a renowned healthcare group and wholly owned subsidiary of Medco, in the development and modernization of their Specialty Pharmacy Fulfillment application. The software development effort addressed every aspect of the organization’s business functions and integrated external partner applications, increased their capability and productivity, and reduced costs.

4th Source provides affordable, reliable healthcare staffing and IT services to help your company build a world-class system with dependable customer satisfaction and improved profitability. Our array of outsourcing services is customized across the payer and healthcare provider sectors to ensure enhanced efficiency and brand value. We work to create a seamlessly integrated system covering hospital, clinical and laboratory information, prescription management, retail pharmacy and pharmacy benefit management, among others.