The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. New legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more restrictive reimbursements and new information technologies all present new challenges and opportunities for this industry.

In order to remain competitive in this ever-changing environment, your organization needs solutions that are integrated, flexible, and mobile.

4th Source specializes in developing, building and deploying complete software solutions for life sciences, pharmacy, medical manufactures and healthcare providers (including Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), mid-sized hospitals, and organizations with shared risk models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)). Our innovative domain expertise, professional IT services, and industry-specific solutions help you achieve measureable goals quickly and improve profitability across your hospital or provider network.

More Value from Your Data. Better Outcomes for Your Business.

Data drives success. The more adept your business is at leveraging population analytics, executing financial and clinically integrated business intelligence, and sharing data across the organization, the better your outcomes.

As a mid-market provider, you may not have the internal IT resources to obtain the vital clinical and cost-based analytics you need to do business better. You need faster, simpler, and cost-effective solutions that accelerate measurable improvements in Meaningful Use compliance, quality care, and cost reduction—all while improving interoperability with secure cloud-based and mobile solutions.


4th Source addresses these challenges with solutions and services that provide actionable insights to support your clinical and patient process outcomes without a team of high-priced consultants. Our software delivers tailored, role-based business intelligence and real-time decision support, giving you the tools to make smarter, faster business decisions by:

  • Enhancing the organization of your data
  • Accelerating your connection with patients, customers, and providers
  • Improving your cost and quality of care in an increasingly mobile environment

Rapid Development

Want faster results and higher quality for less? 4th Source makes it happen through our domain experts and experienced IT professionals in the US and Mexico. Our rapid development methodologies and tools speed data acquisition, conversion and normalization. This lowers your costs to achieve interoperability and establish a useful clinical and business knowledge hub.

Integration and Interoperability

Achieve faster integration and data interoperability across EMRs and legacy systems with a proven healthcare data model. Our accelerators and software solutions leverage proven Oracle healthcare applications, and our experts work collaboratively with you to properly define and execute business intelligence and analytic objectives.

Services on Demand

Achieve your specific clinical and business goals with faster implementation at a lower cost. Our on-demand, cloud-based solutions can accelerate integration of patient data, including e-prescriptions, lab orders, patient assessments, financial and payer data, while improving efficiency and complex care management.

Our Services and Solution Focus in four primary areas:


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4th Source teamed with Accredo, a renowned healthcare group and wholly owned subsidiary of Medco, in the development and modernization of their Specialty Pharmacy Fulfillment application.

Our Services and Solution Focus in four primary areas:

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