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4th Source - Proximity Matters

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Nearshore Development Extension

IT companies frequently require access to different kinds of technical resources - development, testing and QA, support, and project management. The requirements can vary greatly over time making permanent recruitment of such staff a difficult and costly exercise. Changes in the marketplace or within your organization are infinitely simpler to manage when you have an IT services partner with the acumen to react intuitively and quickly in pace with your demands.

4th Source's DevXtend™ helps overcome this problem by offering customers a dedicated team of resources and the ability to ebb and flow additional heads as needed. The team size is flexible and can be tailored to exactly match your workload. Additional resources can be quickly added or removed from the team as the situation requires. The solution is designed to provide top-quality, on-time, on-budget solutions by leveraging our senior level resources with associate level solution engineers.

With DevXtend™  our bi-lingual teams work from Mexico or onsite without limitations. The model allows your in-house and outsourced development teams to interact in real-time for superior and faster quality control, and travel to each other in less time, for less money than you would experience with an offshore provider.

Getting Started

4th Source begins by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business so that we can provide a core team that is tailored to fit your unique requirements. The resource mix, experience level and skill sets will all be personalized to your unique needs.  The core team will undergo a training program designed by you with best practice input from us and conducted with a mix of onsite instructor-led-training, self service and train-the-trainer approaches. The result is a more manageable development process and greater resource efficiency.


Finding the right IT personnel is only part of the job. 4th Source management must also stay close to understand your project goals and deliverables so we can appropriately manage resources, have new resources available as needed, and provide costing options as your needs expand.


Nearshore Advantages

DevXtend™  was designed to directly compete with offshore competition. In reality, we think we out-compete because of the nearshore advantages outlined below:

  • Leverage the NAFTA framework and can travel to US client sites without the required H1-B visa
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degrees in IS, CS, and/or Business from accredited Mexican Universities
  • Are TOEFL tested in written and verbal English
  • Understand and program to American business and accounting practices
  • Adhere to best practices in Project Management (PMI) and Software Development (RUP)
  • Work the same hours that you do
  • Can be onsite the very next day